Nose hair trimmer
Nose hair trimmer
Nose hair trimmer

Nose hair trimmer

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compact and light, easy to carry and store, use anytime and anywhere. Mechanical design, manual operation, safe, you can control the force and direction for your nose to provide accurate results.

Efficient and safe:

The blades have a certain distance to the skin. It is made of precision rotary cutters, so it is no pulling of the hair, and when you use it , you will feel painless.

Easy to use:

No batteries. Just press nose trimmer lightly to trim nose hair. Safe, painless, no noise, save more energy and protect our environment.

Premium Material:

Made of premium stainless steel. It is very durable. Removes nose hair with great ease.

Easy to clean:

You can clean it with little brush provided or clean it with water.

Gift it:

It can be used at any time and anywhere. It’s also a great gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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